Friday, May 16, 2014

Almost a week. Missing Bob :(


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Robert Douglas Peth Obituary
Robert Douglas Peth Officer Peth #6383

Officer Bob, Unka Bob, Bob, Bobby, was born May 21, 1968 in Mount Vernon, WA. He died May 10, 2014 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Colon cancer made his last three years interesting and the opportunity for more laughter, more jokes, new friends, more love, and much hard work, and then it finally got him. All that wise-crackery, lost.

Bob was the son of Earl and Kathy Peth, born into a pioneer farming family in Skagit County, and a family of Norwegian and Dutch immigrants from Seattle. He graduated from LaConner High School in 1986, one of 23 seniors that year. He attended WSU and returned home to pursue a lifelong interest in photography, cameras, and high-tech gadgetry. He worked at Stacey's Camera in Mount Vernon before moving to Seattle to be a sales rep and then to work at Rainier Photographic where he remembered everyone's customer number and freaked them out. 

He took the lessons of his farming childhood - self-reliance, herd management, and the ability to drive (and fix) almost anything -

with him when he joined the Seattle Police Department in 1999 as a sworn officer, becoming somewhat legendary for his smile, hard work, laughter, jokes, sarcasm, fairness, and care for his community. He gradually moved upward to a chair with a desk and two computers, although he frequently threatened to go back to his first love, patrol. He won two awards for Excellence in Policing, the latest for developing and heading the Joint Assessment Team, where Detective Peth was the Department's "go to person" for any and all issues dealing with liquor licenses, nightlife (bars and clubs), all-age dances, and raves. 

Bob's confidence and certainty in who he was made room for adjustment in the SPDs treatment of all gay officers; he filmed a segment for "It Gets Better;" and he got married on December 9, 2012, when Seattle City Hall first opened the doors for marriage equality. He was resplendent in his full dress uniform. He is survived by his husband Aaron Fletcher of Seattle. 

He loved movies, music, history, travel, and art; he wanted to know the meaning of things. He loved policing, photography, puzzles, puns; he knew all the dialogue from The Princess Bride. He had a 10 second star turn the worst film ever made of a Stephen King novel, Rose Red. In 2011, he and Aaron and friends went to Europe, where Bob fell in love with Berlin and Prague. Their visit to Auschwitz changed the way he looked at the world, and strengthened his ability to be himself. He had a built-in BS meter, and little respect for people he found to be superficial or self-serving. He liked his hamburgers plain and his friends authentic.

In addition to Aaron and their beloved Jojo (the fur-child), Bob is survived by his parents, Earl and Kathy Peth of Mount Vernon; his brother Joe, sister-in-law Teri, and nephews Patrick and Tommy Peth. Also waving goodbye are his mother-in-law Nancy Johnson and the rest of his Peninsula family; his Great Uncle Jack Van Gortel of Rancho Mirage, CA; Aunt and Uncle Dorothy and Roger Dalan of Mount Vernon, Uncle and Aunt Jim and Darlene Bergh of Lebanon, Oregon, and a whole swarm of cousins. Escorting him through these last days were his excellent and caring medical team, the most wonderful officers and gentlefolk of the Seattle Police Department, the bunch from the Bus Stop, and many many friends and acquaintances who have enjoyed his humor, courage, and kindness. He will be met by his grandparents George and Nadine (Hanstad) Peth and Lawrence and Kathryn (Van Gortel) Bergh, aunts Janet Peth Otis and Mary Ann Peth Zimmerman, niece Tami Lynn Peth, and Billy-the-good-dog. 

Services, with more pomp than he really wanted, will be at the Seattle Academy 1111 13th Ave Seattle, WA on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. A Skagit County memorial is planned for later this summer. In lieu of flowers, Bob is shouting at you: 


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday - May 11th Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was full of honor for Bob.  After Bob's passing, dozens of uniformed Seattle Police Officers lined the hall ways of the hospital. Swedish staff went out of their way to show proper respect.  Officer Peth was wheeled down through the line of officers standing at attention, saluting him.  Later that morning, Bonney-Watson Funeral Home arrived.  Bob's body was escorted by four marked patrol vehicles with their lights on from Swedish Hospital to Bonney-Watson on Broadway.  The patrol vehicles drove very slow and deliberate as this was Bob's last time down Broadway.  

Bob loved his mother so much, do what we can to show her that. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday May 10th - A day for peace

Bob's room.

Bob passed away early this morning.  
He was so loved and will always be loved.
The family needs our support.

Flowers from the farm.

Please continue to share your stories of Bob.  We will continue to use this blog as another way to get information out.  Remember to take care of each other.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday May 9th, 2014

Yesterday was a good day.  Bob was able to visit with several people, including asking the lieutenant to sign his overtime slip.  Bob was in good spirits recognizing everyone who came to see him.  Although his body is getting weaker, he continues to press on.  They have again increased some of his medication to keep him comfortable.  Aaron was able to sleep by his side all night.  At times, he gets pushed away about 4 feet so the nurses can do what they need to.  He always gets rolled back up next the bed and back to sleep they go.

Bob's mom brought in some more pictures, sharing such wonderful childhood memories.  We all enjoy them, Bob too.  

It almost feels like we are stuck in time as his condition on the outside seems unchanged.  But his heart races, he complains of being to hot then to cold.  We are doing our best to make this process through life as best as possible.  

Bob is so loved!  

Feel free to stop by again today.  We just want someone always holding his hand so he knows he's not alone. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday - Bob's in good spirits


Always there with a smile and a helping hand.  Bob during pride.

Bob had a restful night and woke up in normal style.  He was making the staff laugh.  At one point, Aaron ask are you ok?  His reply, "I am FU***** freezing."  Needless to say the fan was turned off.  We opened the cards and read them.  We also read the blog posts.  Bob absolutely loved them.  Thank you for all your support.  The doctor came by and we are on the same path.  He is comfortable.  Please feel free to stop by and visit. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bob in action!

SPD Prius vs renegade food vendor cart. The prius pinned the cart to a light pole to thwart the attempts to flee. You-know-who at the wheel. Good times! Chris - Health Department
It is almost midnight on Wednesday night. Bob had a pretty nice day. The sun was shining in his room all day. A constant flow of visitors and loved ones. A therapy dog stopped by to visit. Bob was semi-conscious throughout the day. He knows everyone who comes to see him. He smiles and gives nice big squeeze of your hand. He still has a great sense of humor. His breathing appears to be better and his pain is being managed. Aaron has saddled up next to Bob and they are both sleeping peacefully. We are hoping for an uneventful evening. 

Wednesday May 7th ** email pics to and they will be posted **

We can not say enough about how nice the staff have been.  Bob was moved to the larger room with a view.  It is kinda like the penthouse as it faces to the south towards Mt Rainier. The room is located right next to the nurses station for easy access for all his needs.  Several visitors had stopped by which made Bob happier.

This past evening, they brought in a roll away bed for Aaron.  Aaron was able to position the bed right next to Bob's bed.  Although Bob is going through hell, it is obvious he has comfort in holding Aaron's hand into the night. The love they share is amazing.

They have increased his level of medicine to provide more comfort.  He slept through most of the evening, with occasional suction treatment to remove fluids from his mouth.   

Please feel free to stop by 12 floor east wing waiting room area.  Someone there will assist you in seeing him.