Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday May 9th, 2014

Yesterday was a good day.  Bob was able to visit with several people, including asking the lieutenant to sign his overtime slip.  Bob was in good spirits recognizing everyone who came to see him.  Although his body is getting weaker, he continues to press on.  They have again increased some of his medication to keep him comfortable.  Aaron was able to sleep by his side all night.  At times, he gets pushed away about 4 feet so the nurses can do what they need to.  He always gets rolled back up next the bed and back to sleep they go.

Bob's mom brought in some more pictures, sharing such wonderful childhood memories.  We all enjoy them, Bob too.  

It almost feels like we are stuck in time as his condition on the outside seems unchanged.  But his heart races, he complains of being to hot then to cold.  We are doing our best to make this process through life as best as possible.  

Bob is so loved!  

Feel free to stop by again today.  We just want someone always holding his hand so he knows he's not alone. 


  1. Bob I hope you are doing well. I so wish I could be there with you. Yesterday I was talking to my dad about all the good times I had with you sitting at Bus Stop while Aaron DJed. I am so glad that I met you and I will always have the wonderful memories. I hope they are keeping you comfortable and I promise I will see you again in the future. I love you Bob. You are one of the most loved guys I have ever met.

  2. I love seeing all these pics. Again, I really appreciate the blog. I love reading all the comments about Bob. I'm so glad we became friends. You always have the best sense of humor. I still love Nicole's (Ursula's) reaction when she turned around and saw you standing next to her. I know without a doubt you have touched many lives. I'm one of the many fortunate ones who can call you my friend.

  3. Bob,
    I so wish I could come see you. Being so far away sucks, I just want to come hug you and hold your hand for a bit. Please know you are in my thoughts, I am sending you strength and love from the southwest. Aaron please give Bob a big hug for me and let him know I am constantly thinking of you all.