Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday May 7th ** email pics to and they will be posted **

We can not say enough about how nice the staff have been.  Bob was moved to the larger room with a view.  It is kinda like the penthouse as it faces to the south towards Mt Rainier. The room is located right next to the nurses station for easy access for all his needs.  Several visitors had stopped by which made Bob happier.

This past evening, they brought in a roll away bed for Aaron.  Aaron was able to position the bed right next to Bob's bed.  Although Bob is going through hell, it is obvious he has comfort in holding Aaron's hand into the night. The love they share is amazing.

They have increased his level of medicine to provide more comfort.  He slept through most of the evening, with occasional suction treatment to remove fluids from his mouth.   

Please feel free to stop by 12 floor east wing waiting room area.  Someone there will assist you in seeing him. 

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