Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bob in action!

SPD Prius vs renegade food vendor cart. The prius pinned the cart to a light pole to thwart the attempts to flee. You-know-who at the wheel. Good times! Chris - Health Department
It is almost midnight on Wednesday night. Bob had a pretty nice day. The sun was shining in his room all day. A constant flow of visitors and loved ones. A therapy dog stopped by to visit. Bob was semi-conscious throughout the day. He knows everyone who comes to see him. He smiles and gives nice big squeeze of your hand. He still has a great sense of humor. His breathing appears to be better and his pain is being managed. Aaron has saddled up next to Bob and they are both sleeping peacefully. We are hoping for an uneventful evening. 

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  1. I remember this night and if i recall there were other items that were confiscated from the cart, get a hot dog and a baggy of weed. I remember all my long evenings spent with Bob and the original team. Best job i ever had and the things i learned about night clubs and Drugs from Bob Peth, fire codes from Shadow Stevens, the restaraunts not to eat at from Christopher Skilton. Especially the high pursuit in the Toyota prius what a comical evening. Thank you BOB for all the great memories and life lessons, you will always be with me and be reflected in my work. Your SDOT JET friend Ken Ewalt